Recycled Mats, Surfacing & Borders

Recycled Rubber Mats, Surfacing & Borders

Swing Safe Mats are  beveled mats manufactured from recycled rubber tire buffing in a single density fabrication. The Swing Safe Mat is a perfectly sized mat that accommodates an occupied swing pattern. Swing Safe Mats are recommended for use in conjunction with any loose fill playground  surfacing. When loose fill surfacing gets kicked out or displaced under the swing or in high traffic areas, the Swing Safe Mat enhances the safety capabilities and helps keep maintenance to a minimum. Swing Safe Mats weigh about 135 lbs. which helps to make them vandal safe, and also gives them the needed stability for aggressive and high trafficked play areas. The beveled edge of the Swing Safe Mat prevents  tripping and allows the mats to be buried either partially or completely without presenting a  hazard. Rainbow Turf Swing Safe Mats are a must when safety is a priority in high traffic areas. Available in various colors in   size of: 3′ x 5′ x 2″ = $139.00 plus freight, shipped directly to you, discount on large quantities.

Swing Safe Mats on Recycled Rubber Pour n Play


Recycled Rubber Swing Safe Mats & Recycled Rubber Flex Curb

Recycled Rubber Swing Mats and Flex Curb

Rainbow Turf Pour-in-Place – Recycled Rubber Surface


Recycled Rubber Tiles

Tiger Tuff Tiles are resilient rubber tiles that provide a long life and low maintenance answer to playground safety. Tiger Tuff Tiles are manufactured in 2’x2′ squares. Thickness varies depending on fall height requirements. Thicknesses available are 1″, 1 ½”, 2″, and 3″.

The permeable surface of the Tiger Tuff Tile allows water to pass through the product instead of standing on top. Drain channels (available in the 2″ and 3″ thick tiles) then carry the water out from under the safety surface.

Transition ramps and corners are available with the Tiger Tuff Tile surface. These ramps and corners provide easy access to the play area and meet the requirements set forth by the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Each Tiger Tuff Tile is manufactured from 100% recycled rubber, and exceed requirements set forth by the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission.

Colors available are red, green, and black.

Rainbow Turf Pour-n-Place – Recycled Rubber Surface


The Rainbow Turf Pour-N-Place is a 100% Recycled Rubber Safety Surface. It is a custom design application of our loose fill colored mulch in a permanent polyurethane adhesive.

Installed at your location by our experienced applicators, this permeable flooring provides a rugged surface this is ready for all weather conditions.

Accessible Walking Trails
Put some pep back in your step as you walk on The Rubber Walk Anti-Fatigue Surface. It will provide a more comfortable walking surface by reducing aches and pains in your joints which usually occur with traditional walking surfaces such as concrete, asphalt, or good ole Mother Nature. The tough design of The Rubber Walk Surface will hold up under the busiest conditions. That is proven in our test results. The Rubber Walk exceeds procedure CRI TM-101, Wear Retention Testing Of 20,000 Foot Traffic Counts, with no change to surface appearance.

Safety Surfacing
The Rubber Walk Surface also performs as a playground safety surface. It meets and exceeds Shock Absorbing Properties in accordance with the procedures outlined in ASTM F-1292-96, Standard Specifications for Impact Attenuation of Surface Systems Under and Around Playground Equipment as well as ASTM F 1951-99, Surface Accessibility Test. You will now have peace of mind knowing The Rubber Walk Safety Surface is there to catch you if you fall!

Erosion Control
If you are tired of washed out areas which require heavy maintenance, look to Rubber Walk for your answer. Rubber walk provides an economical, durable, steadfast solution to your problems.

Loose Fill Rubber Mulch

The Loose Fill Rubber Mulch is the most innovative replacement for traditional loose-fill materials such as wood chips, sand, or gravel on the market today. It is made from 100% recycled tire buffings. The mulch is organically dyed, making it non-toxic for children, pets, and our environment.

Recycled Colored Mulch will not deteriorate, is anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, resists mold and mildew, and does not absorb moisture. Recycled Mulch is ideal for landscaping, gardens, nature trails and playgrounds.
Recycled Colored Mulch is available in red, brown, green, and yellow, plus a spectrum of colors, including:


Rainbow turf mulch
(red, green, and yellow)


Jungle mulch
(mixture of browns and yellow)


Rustic mulch
(mixture of browns and reds for a more natural appearance)

Formula for loose rubber mulch
Length X width = square ft. X 1.5= lbs @ 1″ depth X depth wanted = lbs needed
Example: area 20′ X 30′ = 600 sq.ft. X 1.5 = 900lbs (1″) deep X 4″deep = 3,600 lbs

Recycled Rubber Flex Curb

Rubberflex-curb-colorsThe 100% Recycled Rubber Flex Curb is sure to add life to any flower bed, garden, or playground.

These curbs will allow you to make various curves and bends that traditional landscape timbers will not. Recycled Rubber Flex Curbs replace traditional landscape timbers and other loose fill containment borders.

The Flex Curbs offer better drainage capabilities than any product in its class. Sizes include 4″x4″x8′, 6″x6″x8′, 6″x8″x8′, and 8″x12″x8′. Colors available are red, green, earth tone, and black.

Prices for flex borders:  (plus freight, shipped directly to you)
W   H L
4″X4″X8′ $46.00
6″X6″X8′ $68.00
6″X8″X 8′ $79.00
8″X12″X8′ $140.00

8″ Playground Border with Spike
APS-Border 8  $35
APS-Border 8 Green  $40


12″ Playground Border with Spike
APS-Border 12  $40
APS-Border 12 Green  $45


Filler Ends
APS-FillerEnds8 (box of 6)  $75
APS-FillerEnds12 (box of 6) $75


ADA / Wheelchair Accessible
Half Ramp System
APS-ADAHalfRamp $500


ADA / Wheelchair Accessible
Ramp System
APS-ADARamp $700